How to make your photos stand out on Facebook & Twitter

Posted on November 11, 2014 at 12:05 PM
By Jodie Day

Attracting people's attention with great modern graphics is a good way to increase the interaction with you and your business.

Photoshop is quite frankly the best tool on the market for designing graphics, however there is a pretty steep learning curve if you haven’t used this software before, and not to mention it’s cost.

We recommend that you use a company called Canva, they have loads of predefined graphics, objects, shapes and fonts ready for you to plonk on to a ready-made canvas.

If you wanted to create a backdrop for your Facebook page, they have a canvas that is already pre-sized ready for you to upload directly to Facebook.

Their tools are simple and effective, and even the most novice of users can master the best artwork.

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Jodie Day

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