Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are a binding relationship between AdvertAnywhere.com Limited and our customers.


We sell a range of advertising services through our website and or telephone. Details of the services including pricing and availability can be found within the My Account area of the website.

We place advertisements for and on behalf of our customers and clients. If a customer provides us with advertisements for placement, it is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure that their details are accurate, non-misleading, legal and conforms to all rules and regulations enforced by the business that you are promoting.

If we design and publish an advertisement, we make every effort to ensure the content of the advertisement does not contain any illegal, inaccurate or misleading information.

The advertising services provided by us must not be sold on, at a profit to any person, business or organisation without our prior consent.

As with any form of advertising we cannot guarantee that the campaign will be successful or bring in the type of responses that our customers would like, although every effort is made to ensure our customers are happy with the campaign, its responses and the type of respondents. We cannot be held liable for campaigns that fail to bring in a relevant targeted response or the amount of responses you were anticipating.

All prices shown on our website exclude VAT at the current rate. VAT will be added onto your final bill where applicable. If you live within the EU but outside of the United Kingdom, upon providing your company EU VAT registration number, we will not add VAT to the items sold.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing tool is designed for you to keep in touch with contacts that have legally opted in to receive information from you. It is your responsibility to ensure that each contact that is imported is opted in.

You are not allowed to send unsolicited emails through our system. Our software simply manages the sending of your emails, and you may be penalised by the sending company that you choose to use. We do not tolerate any form of spam sent through our servers and will revoke access should we find you in breach of this.

We reserve the right to change the link URLSs that you send via our service, in order to frame the webpage requested, and to place advertisements alongside it. This is to maintain the cost of our staff and servers in running this free service.

Cooperative Advertising Service (CO-OP Advertisements)

Our cooperative advertising service is designed to allow multiple advertisers to consume smaller parts (which can be broken down geographically, by relationship, by sector or by any other means stated) of an advertising campaign.

In general, most of our campaigns are run when an area is taken in a specific business sector (i.e. Construction). No other advertisers from that sector can book the same area. There are exceptions when we will allow more than one advertiser to advertise in an area, but this will be clearly stated on the description of the campaign.

Geographical regions are used for most of our co-op campaigns. The geographical areas are broken down using parts of the postal address. Some geographical areas may have a larger population, but this does not always directly affect the level of response that you will receive.

We reserve the right to distribute responses with limited, incomplete, partially inaccurate or orphaned data to areas in which our systems decide upon.

We also reserve the right to pass on responses to any area that have been captured in real time from other external sources. The responses will not have derived from any of our other sold advertising campaigns.

Although every effort is made to proceed with advert designs, advert content and campaign publication dates, we reserve the right to make necessary changes at any point.

Publication dates are confirmed with our advertisers, but we cannot be held responsible for the delivery of service provided by them.

We provide data capture on websites relating to advertisements. These websites check to ensure the person filling out the form is completing the basic information to get a valid and reasonable chance of getting in touch with the respondent. We do have a set of filters running to ensure people do not enter very generic details (for example if a customer enters '1111111111111' as their telephone number), this ensures our campaigns deliver a correct and target response that your business will find useful.

Responses that are made via text message can have fewer details than responses from elsewhere. This is due to the fact that they text a word to a telephone number. In some cases, we can only provide you with a mobile telephone number of how to contact them.

We cannot guarantee that respondent information is correct, accurate, up-to-date or complete.

All our cooperative advertising is on a first-come-first served basis. We do not give preference to existing advertisers when re-publishing a campaign. This ensures that all our campaigns are made available to all our customers.

If you want to join a campaign that is already running and we allow it, we can pro-rata the cost of the advertising dependent on the amount of time you have missed. We automatically add a 10% administration fee onto the pro-rata amount.

Service Vouchers and Starter Packages

Our starter packages consist of a range of services or voucher equivalent. All of our vouchers issues have a one-month expiry date, unless stated otherwise.

If a voucher is left to expire any remaining value will wiped, and is non-recoverable in any means, and holds no cash or service equivalent.

Vouchers which are service specific will only allow discount for the specified service element of the invoice.

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is designed to allow customers of AdvertAnywhere.com Limited to send out links to contacts promoting our services in return for a lifetime percentage of the referred customers spend with us. Customers who you have referred will not know that it is you that has referred them to us. Our referral information is strictly confidential.

To gain referral commission you have to already be a customer of AdvertAnywhere.com Limited, referring new customers that do not already have an account with us.

When you register to become a customer with us you will receive an email containing your referral link. When a prospective customer clicks on the link and registers with us, our systems link your customer account to theirs, for referral reasons only.

When a customer clicks on a referral link, a cookie is set on their machine (which lasts for 45 days, unless the cookies are removed, or not set for any reason), which our systems read when they sign up as a customer of ours. There are several well-known issues that surround affiliate programs in relation to cookies being set. If a referred customer clears their cookies or has their security setting set up not to accepts cookies, tracking may not occur and therefore payment cannot and will not be made to customers of which our systems believe they have not been referred. If you believe that you are not receiving credit from a customer that you have referred to us, this may be the case, and we can then place you as the referrer after making enquiries with the referred customer. Commissions cannot be back dated in any circumstance.

We make reasonable effort to track referrals offline by asking which customer has referred them and making the link ourselves. We cannot give out information about the personal details of customer, so the referring customer must be able to identify the referring customer without our input.

Affiliate credit can only be used as a discount on our services and can no longer be paid out.

You cannot mislead or falsely advertise our services, if you are found to be doing so, your account will be terminated. We reserve the right to collect, withhold or cancel any commissions earned.

You shall not purchase or register keywords, Pay Per Click advertising, AdWords, search terms, domain names, or other identifying terms that include the words "AdvertAnywhere.com Limited" or certain variations and misspellings thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service.

You must not send unsolicited emails (SPAM) out to promote the use of your affiliate link. Doing so will result in your account being terminated.

You must agree not to corrupt, modify or distribute your affiliate tracking code, which sets the tracking cookie on somebody's machine without them physically clicking on the html hyperlink.

Please note that affiliate commission cannot be earned when a referred customer adds or uses stored credit to purchase items from us. This is a technical requirement and cannot be changed.

If a user account containing affiliate credit has not spent with us for a period of six months or longer, the account will be deemed inactive and the affiliate account will be closed. Any funds will be automatically cleared from the account and will be unavailable by any means. If a user has their affiliate account closed and wishes for it to be re-opened a request must be sent to our head office in writing, and our accounts department will review the request.

Our affiliate program excludes the 'Herbalife' business opportunity.

We reserve the right to exclude products or services from our affiliate program at any time without notification.

Weight loss leads are excluded from our affiliate program.

Intellectual Property

The AdvertAnywhere.com Limited website including any images, design, layout, structure, colour scheme, navigation, concepts or written material are subject copyright and trademark law.

Logos and imagery on this website and or in print are copyright to their respective owners.

You may not copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use our content in any way except for your own personal use and information.

To use any content from this website requires written consent from AdvertAnywhere.com Limited.

Contracts and Fulfilment

AdvertAnywhere.com Limited shall not be liable for any damages for failure to fulfil an order for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to labour disputes, strike, war, riot, insurrection, civil commotion, fire, flood, accident, storm, act of God, or any other circumstances.

Refunds & Losses

Under the distance selling regulation 2000 act, we are required to give you seven working days to change your mind about purchasing an advertisement with us. If you change your mind and would like a refund during this period we can arrange this.

If we fail to meet the criteria set out within these terms and conditions, and you request that you would like to receive a refund, we can issue one to you.

Refunds must be made back in the same form of collecting the funds (i.e. If you paid by card, we would need to put the money back onto your card).

All refunds will be subject to an administration fee of 20% of the refund amount. If an advertising campaign has started when you request a refund, we will pro-rata the amount to be refunded in relation to how far through the campaign you have already received. We reserve the right to not charge an administration fee, but this is at our sole discretion.

Refunds will be made within a maximum of seven working days from the request, providing that there are no outstanding issues related to the refund in question.

Website registration

The website requires clients to provide correct registration details to be eligible to use its services. Clients must provide accurate contact details and be held responsible in reporting any changes.

Clients account, Password & security

Upon registration customers will receive their login details where they can access the website. It is the client’s responsibility to keep this information confidential so that no unauthorized person can gain access on behalf of the member.


You may unsubscribe and cease to be a member of Advertanywhere.com at any time by emailing contact@advertanywehre.com. We do not charge termination or cancellation charges.


We can choose to make direct contact with our customers via email, telephone, SMS, post and through social networking websites.

Within the 'My Account' area of the website, you can control to restrict certain types of contact from us. We specifically reserve the right to contact you for any other reason that is not listed under the 'Communication Preferences' section of our website.

Customers have a right to opt out of receiving any further communication by emailing contact@advertanywhere.com. Please check the privacy policy for more details.

Alteration of Legal Documents

We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and condition, privacy policy, accessibility statement and any service level agreements that may exist within our legal area of the website.

It is your express responsibility to check these documents from time-to-time, as these terms are binding.

Last updated 2nd May 2018.