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Posted on September 28, 2014 at 12:00 AM
By David Wilson

Adding a Facebook account

Before using this software, you must have at least one valid Facebook account configured.

For each Facebook account you add, you must create a new Facebook application to use with that account.

Below is a video of how to set up your Facebook application and integrate it with this software.

The accounts must be added in Facebook Sharer admin interface, "My Resources » Facebook Accounts" section.

Step-by-step: Creating a new Facebook application

We recommend watching our help video for a full guide to setting up your account.

  1. Login into Facebook developers section with your Facebook verified account: https://developers.facebook.com (If you are asked, please register as a Facebook developer)

  1. In the main menu on top, Click on Apps » Create new App

  1. Choose a name for your application, a Namespace(optional), select "Apps for pages" in Category and then click on Create App.

  1. Go to Settings tab and insert these details:
  1. Display Name: Choose a name - on Facebook this will appear as "posted via"
  2. Namespace: Choose a namespace(optional)
  3. App Domains insert fbsharer.advertanywhere.com
  4. Click on "+Add Platform" and select "Website".
  5. In Site URL insert http://www.fbsharer.advertanywhere.com
  6. Fill in your email address in "Contact Email" field.
  1. Save the details.

  1. Go to "Status & Review" section and change:  
  1. Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public? - YES

  1. Go to "Dashboard" section, and click on App Secret » Show. Insert your Facebook password to reveal the Application Secret.

Adding a new Facebook account in Facebook Sharer

First, go to Facebook Sharer admin interface, "My Resources » Facebook Accounts" section and click on "Add new account" button.

When you add a new account, please insert a suggestive description, the Facebook Application ID and Secret associated with that account.

After adding a new account in the script, you must grant access to the Facebook application - click on "Grant access" button.

Please grant all rights asked by the Facebook dialog and be sure you select "Public" when posting rights are asked.

Adding another Facebook account in Facebook Sharer

If you want to use more Facebook accounts, before adding a new account, please logout first from Facebook (in your browser).

Then, login with your new Facebook account and follow the steps described above again.

You will have to do this only once for each Facebook account.

Posting to Facebook fan pages

Use this feature only if you want to automatically post on to your existing Facebook pages. In order to do this, you must be the owner or the administrator of the page.

When adding a new fan page, please be sure you insert the correct page ID.

If you do not know your fan page id, please use this free online tool.

Facebook groups

Use this feature if you want to post your messages in the Facebook groups where you are member or admin.

You must have rights to post in a specific group (admin or member).

When adding a new Facebook account, the script will automatically import all your groups. You can manually delete or add more groups later.

If you join to new groups, you will have to click on "Renew access" button and the script will automatically import and assign the new groups to your account.

My saved ads

This is the section where you prepare all the messages that will be posted by your scheduled campaigns.

First, you will have to create a new message list. The list name should be very close to list's content in order to use and identify this list in campaigns.

To save your messages, use "add messages in the list" button in "existing lists" section.

Html code: In your stored messages you cannot use HTML code. You can use plain text, new lines and links to images, videos or websites (with http:// prefix)

Links in messages: You can insert links to websites, videos or images in your messages but please use the correct format with the http:// prefix.


AdvertAnywhere Network Marketing Team Growth: https://www.advertanywhere.com

Videos in ads: You can insert videos in your messages but please insert the full URL to the video including the http:// prefix.

Example (Youtube video):

How to create a Facebook application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhbJ2opvKNs

Posting/uploading images: To upload an image, please insert the image URL in your message. The URL can be located on your website or on external websites.

Please be sure the image URL is the first link in your message. Then, you can add extra texts and links in your message AFTER the image URL.



AdvertAnywhere - Build your network marketing team on autopilot


SPINTAX: This software supports spintax and we recommend to use this in all your messages.

Example 1:

{Want to earn an extra income working from home? | I can show you how to work from home}: {https://www.advertanywhere.com | https://www.advertanywhere.com/services}

Example 2:

Facebook {AdvertAnywhere | Team Growth | Work from home | Network marketing} https://www.advertanywhere.com Visit us today.

Example 3 (posting different images):

{https://www.advertanywhere.com/Site/images/services/about/1.png | https://www.advertanywhere.com/site/images/Services/payg/5.png | https://www.advertanywhere.com/Site/images/services/autoposter/fb-logo.png} https://www.advertanywhere.com/services/facebook-auto-poster

Example 4 (with different texts and urls):

{Facebook group poster script | Facebook viral script | Facebook auto poster | Facebook auto posting software}

{https://www.advertanywhere.com/services/facebook-auto-poster | http://fbsharer.advertanywhere.com}

Posting updates from external RSS feeds

The script can automatically get external content from RSS feeds and post it on your wall, fan pages or in groups.

To use this function, you must create a different message list. The message must contain the #rss# prefix and the full URL to the RSS feed.

Example 1 (external RSS feed):

#rss# http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/uk/rss.xml

Example 2(external RSS feed with spintax):

#rss# {http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/uk/rss.xml|http://rss.cnn.com/rss/edition.rss}

Automatically add comments to the last post in groups:

The script can be automatically add your comment to the past comment in groups. To do this, please create an schedule a regular campaign to post in groups. For this campaign you must set a different message list. The messages in the list must be formatted in this way

  • To comment the last post in the selected groups, please add ## in front of the message
  • To comment your last post in the selected groups, please add @@ in front of the message

Example 1 (comment the last post in the selected groups):

##Facebook Group Poster: https://www.advertanywhere.com/services/facebook-auto-poster

Example 2 (comment your last post in the selected groups):

@@Facebook Group Poster: https://www.advertanywhere.com/services/facebook-auto-poster

Example 3 (comment the last post in the selected groups using spintax):

##Facebook Auto Poster Script: {https://www.advertanywhere.com/services/facebook-auto-poster|http://fbsharer.advertanywhere.com/}

For optimal performance please consider the following tips:

  • Each campaign should use a message list with at least 4 different messages.
  • In each message list please use different messages: some with text+links, some with images+links.
  • Do not use images in all your messages.
  • Each message from the same message list should contain a different image URL or at least different text or link.
  • To avoid posting duplicate content, we STRONGLY recommend to use SPINTAX in all your messages.

Facebook campaigns

If you have at least one verified Facebook account and at least one message list you will be able to create a new campaign.

When creating a new campaign please follow all the instructions and the help tooltips.

How to set your campaigns to run at specific hours:

When setting up the campaign, select "Start campaign after" and in the box to the right, click inside of it and select the date and time you would like this campaign to start afterwards.

Please do not abuse the system because you risk to be banned by Facebook! For optimal performance and usage, we recommend:

  • For any campaign you will create, we recommend to post maximum 1 message/1 hour. Especially if you are posting in all groups.
  • For each campaign use a message list that contains at least 4 messages. We STRONGLY recommend to USE SPINTAX in all your messages.
  • If you want to post to more than 50 groups, create different cloned campaigns and post maximum 1 message/hour.


Campaign A - set it to post 1 message/hour in 50 groups: when creating/editing the campaign select from group #1 to group #50

Campaign B - set it to post 1 message/hour in 50 groups: when creating/editing the campaign select from group #51 to group #100

Campaign C - set it to post 1 message/hour in 50 groups: when creating/editing the campaign select from group #101 to group #150

Usage recommendations

This software was not designed to spam Facebook or to abuse the system.

This script was tested carefully and it works perfect if it is used in a reasonable way.

Software Limits

To ensure that customers do not abuse the system, we have a few limits in place to stop your Facebook accounts being blocked by Facebook.

Below are a list of the limits that have been put in place by our software team.

  • We limit automated campaigns, so you do not post to more than 60 groups in any day. Please bear this in mind when setting up your campaigns. We do show a warning on your account if you are close to reaching that limit on the current day. We also advise you to periodically check the logs area, as this will show if our system has limited your daily posting.
  • Maximum of 30 groups to be selected by any one campaign. This is to ensure Facebook does not identify your account as being one that is sending too many posts at once. Again, this is done to protect you whilst using our software.

Avoiding Facebook Penalties

This software has been developed to minimise the risk of restrictions being applied to your account by Facebook, however it cannot be guaranteed to be risk free.

You can completely minimise your risk of losing your own personal Facebook account by setting up a brand new account, solely for the purpose of posting to groups. This will ensure that in the event of being banned or blocked your own personal account is not affected. (This however is in breach of Facebooks rules - they only want you to have one account)

Facebook is likely to consider you or your application as a nuisance if you are posting to groups too often or if you post to lots of groups at the same time.

  • We recommend not posting to more than 60 groups in any given day.
  • We recommend leaving an hour between campaigns
  • Do not post spammy content, or Facebook users can report you to Facebook, which may lead to your account being restricted.
  • Do not post to any given group more than once per day
  • Do not post to more than thiry groups at a time
  • Use spintax on as many of your adverts as possible
  • Spend the time to create as many variations of the adverts as possible

We have seen many users get great results out of this software, without being too aggressive in how you do your posting. Consider refining your advert rather than posting more ads.

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